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Artist/Band: Screeching Weasel
Lyrics for Song: Clean Cut Asshole
Lyrics for Album: Screeching Weasel [1987]

You gotta lotta nerve lookin down your nose at me

Label me the dregs of a nice society

Peoples parents like you and girls all shout your name

But you're a clean-cut asshole to me you're all the same

Listening to R.E.M. looking just like all your friends

Out in mom's car drinking beers

Making fun of things you don't understand

You really make me I'll cause you're Mr. Nice Guy

Straight A's in alcohol hittin all the parties

You and all your asshole friends scammin on a young girl

Pull a train on her and you feel like you own the world

You got no right tellin me that I ain't OK

College buttfucks rule this world and claim to be alternative

You're a fucking slimebag I don't care what you say

You're full of shit go fuck yourself

I know what the truth is

Album Lyrics: Screeching Weasel [1987]

Screeching Weasel
"Screeching Weasel [1987]"

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5. Clean Cut Asshole
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11. I Can't Stand Myself
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15. March Of The Lawnmowers
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23. What Is Right
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