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Artist/Band: Screeching Weasel
Lyrics for Song: Mary Was An Anarchist
Lyrics for Album: Kill The Musicians [1995]

Mary was a girl with a cause

She was simply fed up

Mary moved out to Berkeley

And stuck pins,, her face as a sort of statement

Against oppression of her sex, yeah

Mary took a walk in the park

With a sign in her hand

Mary threw a rock at a cop

And man she felt like a man

You know the ugliness became her

But now she's gone

She couldn't take it, take it, take it anymore

And what she won

She won a husband who embodies

Everything she hated

And all her friends from years ago

Are selling stocks in IBM right on

Mary finally saw she couldn't

Change the world

Mary often fondly looks back

And pats herself on the back

For a convenient romanticized version

Of the facts of what she'd done

But she didn't change a goddamn single on

Of the oppressive pigs who made her what she was

And the empowerment she felt was just a crumb

Compared to all the butts of jokes that she'd become

And now she's at the kitchen table all alone

And she ended up exactly like her mom

Album Lyrics: Kill The Musicians [1995]

Screeching Weasel
"Kill The Musicians [1995]"

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