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Artist/Band: George Harrison
Lyrics for Song: His Name Is Legs
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - George Harrison

(I'm not cheating)

Oooh, oooh

Everything is dinky doo

Everything you do

You, the king of la-di-da

Pretty very out far

Never oversits, he understands

Like the back of the hand

He should sing in a band, oh yeah

Oooh, oooh

People think he's loopey loo

And when they look at his shoes

He's a rocking sausage roll

He gets it in the goal

Healthy little 'brown affair'

And when he washes his hair

He'll get a round or a square

Get them singing

Oooh, oooh

Everyone from oxford town

Way down to the rio grande

Knows his harbour quays

His skin tight hands, without seggs

His name is legs


Oooh, oooh

Coolies sweating in hong kong

Run along to the mardi grass

Risking asian flu to meet the man

Who lays the eggs

His name is legs

He's a cure for whooping cough

And if the going gets rough

Get lined up, come sikh, come czar

No matter who you are

We could get along and slide a rule

And if you don't play fools

While larry plays pool

You'll hear him singing

Oooh, oooh


Oooh, oooh

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - George Harrison

George Harrison
"Other Songs - George Harrison"

1. 7 Deadly Sins
2. Absolutely Sweet Marie
3. Badge
5. Congratulations
6. Cool Dry Place
7. Deep Blue
8. Dirty World
9. Don't Let Me Wait So Long
10. End Of The Line
11. Handle With Care
12. Hari's On Tour
13. Heading For The Light
14. His Name Is Legs
15. Horse To Water
16. I Don't Care Anymore
17. I'll See You In My Dreams (Concert For George)
18. If You Belonged To Me
19. Inside Out
20. It Is he (Jai Sri Krishna)
21. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
22. Last Night
23. Lay His Head
24. Margarita
25. Miss O'dell
26. Mrtambourine Man
27. My Back Pages
28. New Blue Moon
29. Not Alone Anymore
30. Ooh Baby
31. Poor House
32. Rattled
33. Shanghai Surprise
34. She's My Baby
35. Ski - Ing
36. Soft - Hearted Hana
37. Sour Milk Sea
38. Sunshine Life For Me
39. The Devil's Been Busy
40. The Hottest Gong In Town
41. The Inner Light
42. The Lord Loves The One
43. The Pirate Song
44. This Guitar
45. Tweeter & The Monkey Man
46. When Every Song Is Sung
47. Where Were You Last Night
48. Wilbury Twist
49. Wrack My Brain
50. You Took My Breath Away
51. Zig Zag