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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Destroyed & Damned
Lyrics for Album: Cast In Stone [1997]

I write these words as witness to the crime

You throw them back and say the crime is mine

I balance life and death now you deny

I read these words aloud and watch you die

I sit and watch you die

Your flesh will feed my land,

one day you'll understand

I breed thee - I feed thee - I feed thee, you bite the

hand that feeds thee

Protect me - reject me, spat me out and reserect thee

Belie me - deny me, then rape and crucify thee

Destroyed and damned

Your soul as mist and dust, old bones powdered and crushed

You gut me - and fuck me, you burn and you insult thee

Pollute me - uproot me, the treason absoluetly

Deface me - embrace me, you strangle then erase thee

Destroyed and damned

If you know not what you do - if you gamble

will you lose If you're guilty of the crime - do you live or

do you die - I sit and watch you die

The sands of time will fade can't stop the life decay

I raise thee - disgrace me, insanity replace thee

Impale me - inhale me, your lungs begin to fail thee

You eat me - deplete me, an endless overloading

Destroyed and damned

Destroyed and damned

Album Lyrics: Cast In Stone [1997]

"Cast In Stone [1997]"

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