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Artist/Band: Venom
Lyrics for Song: Teacher's Pet [Alternate Version]
Lyrics for Album: Darkest Hour [2002]

Teacher caught me masturbating

underneath the desk

she looked at me and winked her eye

said "see you after class"

I heard the school bell ring that told

me that the day was done

she called me back and locked

the door my lessons just begun

Teachers pet

Teachers wet

Sitting down she crossed her

legs her skirt crept up her thigh

feeling something start to rise

my thought began to fly

You've been a naughty boy she said

now that you can't conceal

I'll have to punish you

the best way that I feel

Teachers pet

Teachers wet

She took my hand and gently placed it

in between her thighs

with open legs and heavy breath

she slowly closed her eyes

Her flesh was aching and her

hands began to stray

on thing that I know for sure

I won't forget today

Teachers pet

Teachers wet

Pulled me down forwards her mound

teacher tasted sweet

sixty-nine - I don't mean lines

this was teachers treat

Played hide and seek with teachers mouth

her lips were warm and wet

Now today I've had my way

and teacher won't forget

Teachers pet

Teachers wet

Album Lyrics: Darkest Hour [2002]

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