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Artist/Band: Sheryl Crow
Lyrics for Song: Weather Channel
Lyrics for Album: Live At Budokan [2003]

Sunny morning

You can hear it, siren's warning

There is weather on, both sides

An' I know it's coming

Ah just like before

There's a black dog, scratches my door

He's been growlin' my name sayin'

"You better get to running"

Can you make it, better for me?

Can you make me see the light of day?

Because I got no one

Who will bring me a big umbrella

So I'm watching the weather channel

An' waiting for the storm

It's just sugar

Just a pill to make me happy

I know it may not fix the hinges

But at least the door has stopped it's creaking

I got friends they're waiting for me

To comb out my hair

Come outside and join the human race

But I don't feel so human

Can you make it better for me?

Can you make me see the light of day?

'Cause, I got lab coats

Who will bring me a panacea

While I'm watching the weather channel

An', an' waiting for the storm

You won't want me

Hangin' 'round the birthday pony

Even though it's just a game

You know we are the same

You're the better faker

Album Lyrics: Live At Budokan [2003]

Sheryl Crow
"Live At Budokan [2003]"

1. The Difficult Kind
2. Weather Channel