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Artist/Band: Lara Fabian
Lyrics for Song: I Guess I Loved You
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Lara Fabian

Tomorrow is all there is
No need to look behind the door
You won't be standing there no more
I had my chance
To dance another dance
I didn't even realize
That this was all love
And no lies
Then lost you

I guess I loved you
Oh, less, less than I should
Now all there is is me and me
I turn around and all I see
The past where I have left our destiny

Tomorrow's a mystery
I cannot live without a dream
Vanishing from reality
I wanna now
Would you come back to me?
Now that I finally realize
You are my whole
You are my life
I need you

I guess I loved you
Oh, less, less than I should
Now all there is is me and me
I turn around and all I see
The past where I have left our destiny
Oh, oh, oh, I, I guess I loved you
Oh, less, oh less, less, less than I could
Another time
Another run
To mend both of our broken hearts
To tell you how much I can love you now
I, I guess, I guess I loved you
I guess I loved you

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian
"Other Songs - Lara Fabian"

1. Adagio
2. Adagio (Italian)
3. Aimer Deja
4. Bambina
5. Before We Say Goodbye
6. Bridge Of Hope
7. Broken Vow
8. Dites-Moi Pourquoi Je L'Aime
9. For Always
10. Givin' Up On You
11. I Am Who I Am
12. I Guess I Loved You
13. I Rememer The Rain
14. I Will Love Again
15. Il Existe Un Endroit
16. Immortelle
17. Intoxicated
18. J'y Crois Encore
19. Je Suis Malade
20. Je T'Aime
21. La Différence
22. Le Roi Est Une Femme
23. Lentamente (Adagio In Spanish)
24. Les Amouresux De L'An 2000
25. Les Murs
26. Leďla
27. Love By Grace
28. Marcas De Ayer
29. Meu Grande Amor
30. No Big Deal
31. Otro Amor Vendra
32. Parce Que Tu Pars
33. Part Of Me
34. Pas Sans Toi
35. Perdere L'Amore
36. Puisque C'Est L'Amour
37. Quedate
38. Ramčne-Moi
39. Sally Dworsky
40. Seche Tes Pleurs
41. Si Tu M'Aimes
42. Tan Solo Por Amor
43. The Dream Within
44. Till I Get Over You
45. To Love Again (Si Tu M'aimes)
46. Tout
47. Tu Es Mon Autre
48. Tu T'En Vas
49. Urgent Désir
50. Vida
51. Voy A Amar Otraves (I Will Love Again In Englih)
52. Wondeful Life
53. World At Your Feet
54. Yeliel (My Angel)
55. You Are My Heart
56. You're Not From Here
57. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
58. Babacar
59. Chanson De La Petite Fleur Triste
61. Il y avait
62. Ivy
63. L'amour voyage
64. L'Aziza est en pleurs
65. Laisse-Moi Rêver
66. Lela
67. Les Ballons Rouges
68. Light of My Life
69. Meu Grande Amor (Si Tu M'Aimes)
70. Papa, Can You Hear Me?
71. Que Dieu Aide Les Exclus
72. Quedaté
73. So In Love
74. The Alchemist
75. The Prayer
77. Un Cœur Blessé (Un Cuore Malato)
78. Un Monde Cruel