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Artist/Band: Go Fish
Lyrics for Song: Until the Stars Fall
Lyrics for Album: Infectious [2001]

Well, I know we see

The same blue sky

But there's a different shade of blue

Between you and I

And I want to say

What's on my heart

But you might not see the light

Until you know the dark

(Til you go through the dark)

It may be miles away

It could break through today

Are you gonna wait till the stars fall

from the sky?

To call on heaven

What's it gonna take to make you realize?

The life we're given here is not the end

Believe and it begins

Are you gonna wait til the stars fall

from the sky?

I pray somewhere

There will come a time

Hope and doubt will crowd you

Closer to the line

And the truth will dawn

Like the light of day

And in that moment you will

Take a leap of faith

It may be miles away

Or today could be the day


Everything we see reveals

The one who made it so (Look around you)

And even God himself came down to show

The lengths that love will go...


Are you gonna wait 'til the stars fall from the sky?

Will it take the dark to make you see the light?

Are you gonna wait 'til the stars fall from the sky?

Album Lyrics: Infectious [2001]

Go Fish
"Infectious [2001]"

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