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Artist/Band: Sasha
Lyrics for Song: Club C'est La Vie
Lyrics for Album: ...You

They called her rita

But she had another name

She danced the luca

And the boys she'd entertain

With just one look at you

You're under her spell all night, all night

And as the curtains opened

Rita hit the floor

A smile so wild that all the boys

Would ask for more

She opened up her arms

And welcomed everyone inside, inside

Club c'est la vie

The place to be

Where you can live your fantasy

Club c'est la vie

The energy will get you high

The kicks are free

At club c'est la vie

As rita danced the place would lift up off it's feet

And all the crashers would be left out on the street

For just one look at her

They'd stand in a line all day, they say

I stared across the floor

And the I caught her eye

She moved towards me

And I started to see why

Everybody came for miles just to

See her show, you know

As the light comes up

And night turns into day

Rita disappears still dancing

All the way

And all boys will tell you,

She's in their hearts tonight, tonight

Album Lyrics: ...You


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