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Artist/Band: Sasha
Lyrics for Song: Michael Mittermeier & Friends---El Burro
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Sasha

Daylight's gone

Night is falling

Shadows rising slowly

They're facing the moon

Sweetest pain will

Guide you through

You have to make believe

Then your relief is coming soon

Turn around

You will never be the same

Got no way to run or hide

So play the game


A little more glow, a little more passion

Led the rhythm lead your body and feed your soul

A little more fire, a little obsession

Feel the heat, get the beat and lose control

El Burro!

Breathless touch

For your senses

Breaking your resistance

And makes you to stay

Moving softly

Cross the border

To another place

Where time and space

Will drift away

Turn around

It will never be the same

Time is right to let it go

Welcome to the show

Feel the sound

It was meant to be your creed

'Cause tonight is a hell of a night

Where you'll find what you need


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Sasha

"Other Songs - Sasha"

1. Ako me ostavis
2. Jos u meni snage ima
3. Kad bi moglo
4. Kakva steta
5. Krala si mi ljubav
6. Losa kopija (Maca)
7. Ne glumi mala andjela (duet Sasa Matic)
8. Planeta
9. Samo ti
10. Stari moj
11. Zar ti nije ljubavi
12. 99 & A Half Remix
17. Dat Sexy Body
18. Do It To Me
20. Ecuador (Sash Remix)
21. Edo Zanki + Freunde---Gib Mir Musik
22. Everytime You Go Away
23. Feisar
27. Get Down (I Wanna Get Up)
28. Happy X-Mas
29. Hard To Handle
30. Here She Comes
31. Kissing My Love
33. Lady
34. Let Me Have You Girl
35. Life Is Beautiful
38. M83 — Don't Save Us From The Flames (Superpitcher Remix)
39. Michael Mittermeier & Friends---El Burro
41. Playgroup — Behind The Wheel (Dj-Kicks Electroca$h Mix)
42. Pretty Things
43. Read My Mind
44. Rhythm Is Love
45. Safari
46. Seeing Red
47. Sometimes I Realise
48. Sometimes It Snows In April
51. Through The Barricades
52. Waterfalls
53. We Can Leave The World Behind
54. Wouldn't It Be Good
55. You Are The Worst Thing In The World