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Artist/Band: Sasha
Lyrics for Song: Rooftop
Lyrics for Album: Greatest Hits [2007]

It doesn't matter what they say

You do your own thing anyway

And even though you contradict yourself

If you need some help, it's okay

A little envy brings you doubt

Just eat it up and spit it out

There's no need to make a compromise

If you realize, that you're strong enough, oh


There's nothing better

Than a heartbeat over mind


Shout it from the rooftop - here I go

Beating on the back door - of your soul

Walking on a tightrope - don't you know

Takes you higher, takes you higher

Dancing on the sidewalk - letting go

Jumping on a fast train - nice and slow

Surfing on a backbeat - no control

Takes you higher, takes you higher

It doesn't matter what you do

It's only someones point of view

There doesn't have to be an alibi

when you wanna cry, 'cause you're blue

To spend a little ain't no crime

Please yourself from time to time

We all get caught out in the pouring rain

We get wet the same, does it matter, no, no

(Bridge & Chorus)

You hide behind feelings

What's that all about

No need to hold it back

Gonna shout it out, shout it out


You gotta shout it out baby (Uhu-uuu)

Beating on the back door (back door)

Walking on a tightrope (tight rope)

Surfing on a backbeat (backbeat)

There ain't nothing better (ain't nothing better)

There ain't nothing better


Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [2007]

"Greatest Hits [2007]"

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