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Artist/Band: Deep Purple
Lyrics for Song: Hallelujah
Lyrics for Album: Essential [2011]

Deep Purple - Hallelujah

I am a preacher with a message for my people

Over the world, scratching on the ground

Looking for the peace that nobody has found

I am a spokesman for a better way of living

Love is the word and it can be heard

If you are young the message can be sung

Let me hear you sing, hallelujah

Oh tell it to the man whos power is the sermon on the wall

Tell it to the man who says you can misjudge them all

Tell it till it can be heard above the wailing of the crowd

Tell it on the field of war and hope youll soon be justified

There is a better way of life and its not so hard to find

If you live and let the people in your world speak its mind

I am the pupil who sells his life for freedom

All over the world and it can be heard

If you are young the message can be sung

Album Lyrics: Essential [2011]

Deep Purple
"Essential [2011]"

1. Black Night
2. Burn
3. Child In Time
4. Fireball
5. Hallelujah
6. Highway Star
7. Hush
8. Kentucky Woman
9. Never Before
10. Smoke On The Water
11. Space Truckin'
12. Speed King
13. Stormbringer
14. Strange Kind Of Woman
15. Woman From Tokyo