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Artist/Band: Bill Monroe
Lyrics for Song: Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Bill Monroe

One night while out for a ramble

The hour was just about nine

I met a young maiden in Frisco

On the corner of Geary and Pine

On her face, there was beauty of nature

And her eyes just seemed to expand

With hair so rich and so brilliant

Entwined in a blue velvet band

We strolled down the street together

In my pocket, she placed her small hand

She planted the evidence on me

The girl in the blue velvet band

Well, I heard the scream of the siren

And the girl in the blue velvet band

She left me to face all the trouble

What a diamond that was worth ten grand

Well, at night when bed-time was ringin'

Standing close to the bar

I fancied I heard a voice calling

Far out on the ocean of stars

They sent me to San Quentin for stealing

God knows I'm an innocent man

But the guilty one, now she lies dying

The girl in the blue velvet band

Well, I'll be out in a year and I'm leaving

And I'll carry the name of a man

That served ten years in prison

For the girl in the blue velvet band

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Bill Monroe

Bill Monroe
"Other Songs - Bill Monroe"

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13. Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
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