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Artist/Band: Bill Monroe
Lyrics for Song: Walls Of Time
Lyrics for Album: Anthology [2003]

The wind is blowing 'cross the mountains

And out on the valley way below

It sweeps the grave of my darling

When I die that's where I want to go

Lord, send the angels for my darling

And take her to that home on high

I'll wait my time out here on earth love

And come to you when I die

Our names are carved upon the tombstone

I promised you before you died

Our love will bloom forever, darling

When we rest side by side

I hear a voice out in the darkness

It moans and whispers through the pines

I know it's my sweetheart a calling

I hear her through the walls of time

Album Lyrics: Anthology [2003]

Bill Monroe
"Anthology [2003]"

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6. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
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8. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
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11. Live And Let Live
12. Midnight On The Stormy Deep
13. My Last Days On Earth
14. Old Joe Clark
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20. Walls Of Time
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23. Get Down On Your Knees And Pray