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Artist/Band: Ja Rule
Lyrics for Song: Spun A Web
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Ja Rule

[Intro]Love thy hater

You know they say everything we hear is an opinion not fact

And everything we see is perspective not truth

The fewer the facts the stronger the opinions

And opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance, bitch

[Verse 1]I'm hoping in heaven got a ghetto

So when I get there I can tell you to smile whole hearted

I'm back where I started

I'm prisoner of my own success

But hardly caring enough to know that I'm dead without it

No cribs, no cars, no champagne

No bright lights, no bitches, no big stage

But f-ck it I'm in a better place

And I'm talking in third person in case you couldn't relate

Diary of a monster

Sometimes my mind fades to a place not even I can explain

Cause theres a thin line between genius and insane

Guess which one I am, I think it's obvious that

[Chorus]They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

[Verse 2]Yeah, And I say that to say this

Man if life is a bitch I'm gon f-ck her then tell her that I love her

Not beneath her or above her but inside no rubber

Thats my interpretation of mutherfcker

No lie, no truth my life is a little bit of both

Who's who, who knows anymore

My choice is to get it in real moist so I can come hard

And the world is ours, better yet bitch mines

Shot at the moon just to be among stars

Then God alienated it and ended up on mars

Serenity understand it extraterrestrial that I is

Think I do it all because it's obvious

[Chorus]They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

[Verse 3]Yeah, uh huh

Let me, I'm seeing my whole life ahead of me

And I'm feeling like this life can never be (naaah)

Cause a nigga on a whole nother pedigree

I'm so far from home it feels like a million miles

And I'm long gone and ain't no coming back

But really I never left

I've been silent yet at my the best

Ya'll haters spread hatred like ?

And I still find ways to make crochet hearts

Like Kanye my 808?s is heartbreakers

Maybe me singing to your heats a mistake

Nah, Maybe I'm just before my time

Or maybe it's just that obvious

[Chorus]They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

They spun a web for me

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Ja Rule

Ja Rule
"Other Songs - Ja Rule"

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