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Artist/Band: Hazell Dean
Lyrics for Song: This Is The Life
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Hazell Dean

This life is the life that I've chosen

Nobody made me do it

Feels right, givin' all my devotion

Take it from a man who's had a taste of both sides

There's no sweeter freedom than a godly life

I just wanna testify


This is the life

I'm where I wanna be

Livin' from the center of a heart that's free

Oh, I'm feelin' alright

Day or night, rain or shine

This is the life

You think it's a dull life I'm livin'

Yeah, you say it's such a pity

So weak, to need a crutch of religion

Pardon me a minute but I think I need to say

I don't need your sympathy so don't be talkin' that way

You will see the light some day


Now I'm not sayin' that I never had a bad day

But since I've been livin' for Jesus

This is what I have to say

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Hazell Dean

Hazell Dean
"Other Songs - Hazell Dean"

1. (I Am In Love With The) Mcdonald's Girl
2. A Fall In Tennessee
3. A Place Called Grace
4. Ain't That A Kick In The Head
5. All Grown Now
6. America
7. Are You Ready Yet ?
8. Ariel
9. As Days Gone By
10. Ayamba Yayahu (It's Just Another Day)
11. Baby Talk
12. Besame Mucho
13. Big Bad John
14. Big Sister
15. Billy The Kid
16. Brotherly Love
17. Buona Sera
18. Busy
19. Buy My Baby A Car
20. By My Song
21. Canadian Sunset
22. Cha Cha Cha D'Amour
23. Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
24. Company
25. Cowboy Band
26. Cross The Line
27. Crucified With Christ
28. Daddy's Will
29. Dead Man's Curve
30. Dodo
31. Don't Marry That Boy
32. Don't Mourn, Don't Cry
33. Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time
34. Don't You Ever Dare
35. Down To Your Last One
36. Dream A Little Dream Of Me
37. Every Day
38. Everybody Loves Somebody
39. Fall Down
40. Favorite Song Of All
41. First Date
42. Freedom's Never Free
43. Funny Papers
44. Give Me All Of The Pieces
45. God Of Abraham
46. Gone But Not Forgotten
47. Hale Bop She Bop
48. Halelujah (Your Love Is Amazing)
49. Heart And Soul
50. Here I Am To Worship
51. Hey Larry
52. Hey, Hey, Hillary
53. Hob-Nobbin'
54. How Can I Find You
55. How Deep The Father's Love For Us
56. How Does This Story End?
57. Humor Me
58. I Can't Find The Words To Say Goodbye
59. I Depend On You
60. I Know
61. I Love Vegas
62. I May Be Young
63. I Need You
64. I Shoulda Listened
65. I Wanna Take Care Of You
66. I Want To Be Just Like You
67. I Will Be Here
68. I Will Never Leave You
69. I Won't Let You Walk Away
70. I Wouldn't Be A Man
71. I'm A Fool Too
72. I'm Not Built That Way
73. I'm Not Needed Here Now
74. I've Got You Covered
75. I've Had Enough
76. If I Could Find The Heart (To Love Again)
77. If There Hadn't Been You
78. In The Name Of Love
79. Indian Head Penny
80. Innamorata
81. Innocent Bystander
82. It's A Wonderful Life
83. It's Only Make Believe
84. It's What I Do
85. Jennifer's Baby
86. Just Like That
87. Kiss Me (Like That)
88. Leavin' Line
89. Let Everything That Has Breath
90. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow
91. Let My Words Be Few
92. Let The Blood Speak For Me
93. Little Black Cloud
94. Lord, Let Your Glory Fall
95. Love Is Not Enough
96. Love Is Real
97. Lowdown Lonely
98. Make Me A Song
99. Marginal Middle Class
100. Maybe In A Million Years
101. Mean To Me
102. Memories Are Made Of This
103. Men Will Be Boys
104. Mercy Came Running
105. Misery And Gin
106. Multimedia Man
107. My Praise
108. My Rifle, My Pona And Me
109. New Lang Syne
110. No
111. No One Knows
112. Non Dimenticar
113. On An Evening In Roma
114. Once In A While
115. Only A Woman Knows
116. Only Here For A Little While
117. Only The Wind
118. Open The Eyes Of My Heart
119. Pay Attention
120. Play Something We Can Dance To
121. Pour My Love On You
122. Put You In My Pocket
123. Real Man
124. Return To Me
125. Sandy
126. Saturday Fathers
127. She Gets What She Wants
127. She's A Working Mom
127. She's Taken
127. Shopping Bag Ladies
127. Simple Girl
127. Sleepy Time Girl
127. Small Favors
127. Solitaire
127. Sometimes I Forget
127. Somewhere In My Broken Heart
127. Song For My Mother
127. Special Effects
127. Standing On The Corner
127. Starting Over Again
127. Surf City
127. Sway
127. That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me
127. That's Amore
127. That's What I Like About Love
127. The Concert Of The Age
127. The Dolphins Were Dancing
127. The Heart Of Worship
127. The Mountain Moved
127. The Mourning
127. The Wonderful Cross
127. They Say Its Gonna Rain
127. This Is How It Feels To Be Free
127. This Is The Life
127. Tryin' To Hide A Fire In The Dark
127. Turn Up The Radio
127. Two Of The Lucky Ones
127. Under A Canopy
127. Voices Singing
127. Volare
127. War Song
127. We Just Disagree
127. What Dreams Are Made Of
127. What Have You Got Against Love
127. When A Woman Cries
127. When God Ran
127. When Our Backs Are Against The Wall
127. Where Have All The Angels Flown?
127. Who Will I Run To
127. Wish You Were Here
127. Wishing On A Satellite
127. Woman Of Mine
127. Yesterday
127. You Belong To Me
127. You Can Let Down Your Hair
127. You Don't Count The Cost
127. You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You
127. Young Man
127. Your Grace Still Amazes Me