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Artist/Band: Saga
Lyrics for Song: I'll never be like you
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Saga

I'm not sure what the future holds for me

And I don't know where I'll go or who I'll meet

But I'll never be like you

a) My Name Is Sam (Finding A Friend)

Wipe off my face

What are you afraid of?

I hate this place

I'm swimmin' in the garbage

Here I am I know that you can see me

I need a hand "My name is Sam"

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Saga

"Other Songs - Saga"

1. (it's happening to me)
2. A Brief Case
3. Amnesis
4. Angel
5. As I am
6. Asiam
7. Chances Are #
8. Chase the wind
9. Danger Whistle
10. Don't be late (Chapter 2)
11. Don't look down
12. Don't put out the fire
13. Entracte
14. Feed of Fire
15. Futari No Gomen Ne :: Excel Saga
16. Generation 13 (Theme #1) :: Saga
17. Giant
18. Gone With The Breeze
19. Hail The New Dawn
20. Hold to cold
21. How do you feel
22. I'll leave it in your hands
23. I'll never be like you
24. I'll never be like you (Once again)
25. Images
26. It's time
27. Kazoku Kaigi :: Excel Saga
28. Mind of matter
29. Mouse Maze
30. My name is Sam (Your time is up)
31. Nabeshin Song :: Excel Saga
32. Never alone
33. No man's land
34. No regrets (Chapter 5)
35. No stranger (Chapter 8)
36. No strings attached
37. Once upon a time
38. One small step
39. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty
40. Password Pirate
41. Rising
42. Scarecrow
43. Security of Illusion
44. Shape
45. Snake Oil
46. Snow Fell
47. So good so far
48. Son Of Britain
49. That's how we like it
50. The 13th Generation
51. The Cross
52. The Learning tree
53. The Nineties
54. The Perfectionist
55. The Road To Valhalla
56. The Vendetta
57. The Victim
58. Tired world
59. Tired world (Chapter 6)
60. To much to lose
61. Uncle Albert's eyes
62. Viola!
63. Voila!
64. Watching the clock
65. We'll meet again (Chapter 15)
66. What's it gonna be
67. Where Are You Now
68. Why Not
69. Will It Be You
70. Will It Be You? (Chapter 4)
71. You're Not Alone '97