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Artist/Band: Gwar
Lyrics for Song: Blimey
Lyrics for Album: America Must Be Destroyed [1992]

At home we're bored

Just got off another shitty tour

Moat filled with flaming pus Sleazy,

he wont talk to us Fondle fish in way illegal

Coffin filled with dirty needles


Blimey! Blimey!

What do you de when you feel like that?

Blimey! Blimey!


Sexy made

Heave it down the balustrade

Give it fish, tell it to run

We indulge in naughty fun

Sexy's flanks are torn and rent

Slimey's on the rag again


That's right folks, here in the Hall Of Human Hatred

we've got some of your most inspired brethren,

genocidal maniacs who carved their way

through the history books straight into your hearts.

We got Caligula, mad emperor of Rome whose purges consumed thousands

on his blazing altar of syphilis.

Or how about Giles Lavalle,

medieval crusader of Gods will whose search for the elixir of life

led to the ritual satanic killings of thousands of Parisian youth.

Or Julius, religious despot,

whose slaughter of the intelligentsia of Milan gave

him the nickname of "The Warrior Pope"

That's right, some of the greatest mass murderers in you sad,

yet vibrant history, are here enshrined,

impaled and pumped with agonizing life...

Tummys tingle, tongues a-mingle

Forced extraction of corn-choked shingle

Bristling amoeba hole matching cunt for every bowl

Madly failing porno cow, get me on the road right now!


Album Lyrics: America Must Be Destroyed [1992]

"America Must Be Destroyed [1992]"

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