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Artist/Band: Gwar
Lyrics for Song: Go To Hell!
Lyrics for Album: Beyond Hell [2006]

The halls of our keep rock with ruin and war

The walls cry and crumble, Broken the sword.

The tombs and the tomes. The world's honeycombed.

We must possess the underearth.

Down, down, down

Toll the bell, we're going to hell!

Here we seek the fruit of creation.

Bloodstained wine. It sweetens our time

Here we seek the final salvation

Go to hell!

I'm headed to the promised land

Swam boiling surf, trod bloody bloody sand

As pissed-off pilgrims we'll travel below

And seek the finest filth that hell can bestow

A realm of madness, the cringing of queens

A realization, the crushing of dreams

The worm-gnawed fruit of all your pretty schemes

Between heaven and hell all is not what it seems

From what I've heard it's a pretty cool place

A sea of urine where rats eat your face

A sadist like me can pursue his vocation

I'm goin' to hell because I need a vacation

We're gonna go to hell!

Toll the bell, we're goin' to hell!

Here we see the fruit of creation

Writing in slime. Blood sweetens our time

Here we seek our final salvation

The lies they told you

Laid the foundation for this place

The book that they sold you

Worship this god but do not look at his face

Beneath our keep the tunnels run so deep

To reclaim our right. We retreat from this fight

And enter now the land of the dead

Toll the bell! We're going to hell!

Here we seek the fruit of creation

Blood-stained wine. It sweetens our time

Here we seek the final salvation

Is this what you fear?

That the sum of your life will leave you here?

Or do you think when you die you are done?

The pain of your death has only just begun

I'm headed now to join the damned

Into the oven the dead souls are jammed

We come for the master, the king of the cruel

This is the place where it is better to rule

You're seeking heaven but you're not allowed in

Your soul is falling and you never can win

The game is fixed but there's no one to blame

Heaven and hell? They are one in the same

All abandon...

Abandon all your hope, ye who enter here

And you can go to hell!

Album Lyrics: Beyond Hell [2006]

"Beyond Hell [2006]"

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