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Artist/Band: David Byrne
Lyrics for Song: The Great Western Road
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - David Byrne

A man sticks his fingers inside of his mouth

The words are stuck in there

He fishes them out

Whispers and mumbles, statements and verse, curses and love songs

For nobody else

Man takes a pencil and puts down his thoughts

The old human highway from Eden to Nod

Brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, strangers and cripples

In love with their lives

How they dance

In a trance

Where the river bends

Here we go,

Don't you know

That it never ends

Some who ride

Some who slide

Everyone you know

Travels on

That great western road

How they laugh

Raise a glass

Take a bottle down

Any face any place

In this northern town

Dragging on


Travel on

That great western road

Man goes to show world

And dreams of the stars

He leans to the left

He leans to the north

He learns to be humble

He learns from the trees

And all of God's creatures

To him they would speak

Saying wake up my little lambs

Wake up it's time to begin

Wake up it's all that you are

Wake up and it's not very far

Beggar-man soldier-man beggar-man and thief

Some are young

Some are old

And some on their knees

Broken legs broken nose

Swaying to and fro

As they walk

The great western road

Every snake

Every bird

Every creeping thing

Like a knife

In the night

I see her again

Blessed heart

Blessed word

Blessed skin and bones

All along

That great western road

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - David Byrne

David Byrne
"Other Songs - David Byrne"

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