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Artist/Band: David Byrne
Lyrics for Song: The Other Side Of This Life
Lyrics for Album: Grown Backwards [2004]

I don't have any more problems

All of my worries are gone

Beautiful angels appear at my side

And corporate sponsors will act as my guide

Agents & analysts take me inside

The other side of this life

Beautiful people are walking

And beautiful people are we

Bright as the sunlight at noon ev'ry day

The people in nightclubs they all turn away

But when it's over we're returning to

The other side of this life

I made a church of your hair-do

And I made a shrine of your legs

I promised to love and to worship each day

I know that heaven is not far away

Management told me they're sure I will play

The other side of this life

Lookin' in the mirror

Peekin' 'round the corner

Where the grass is always greener

Peekin' through the curtain

I gotta have a peek in

It's genuine upholstered leather

Doctor I'm back for a visit

The symptoms are worse than before

Although it's spelled wrong, my name's up in lights

I feel so good, but you say it's all right

I'll pay the price if you help me to find

The other side of this life

The other side of this life

Album Lyrics: Grown Backwards [2004]

David Byrne
"Grown Backwards [2004]"

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