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Artist/Band: David Byrne
Lyrics for Song: They Are In Love
Lyrics for Album: Feelings [1997]

She put the scar on the side of his face

When he disappeared for three days

And they say that they are in love

He took her cocaine when she was asleep

Friends say he gave half away

And they say that they are in love

Run away, run away

Run away, before it's too late

There is danger but they will not see

If they're blind then it's blind that they'd rather be

This town's destroyed more than one friend of mine

Funny, they never leave

They say that they are in love

Some say it's rotten, some say it's wrong

Some say it's hard to believe

And some say that they are in love

Move away, move away

Move away before it's too late

Then the lion sleeps with the lamb

Only love let's me forget who I really am

This land is small, it's cold and it's damp

There's no place that I'd rather be

I know that I am in love

Ethnic divisions, screaming demands

A little bit like you and me

I guess that we are in love

Stay away, stay away

Stay away, you might end up like me

It's the pain that keeps us alive

But that beauty is all that we need to survive

That damn beauty is all that we need to survive

Album Lyrics: Feelings [1997]

David Byrne
"Feelings [1997]"

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