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Artist/Band: Mya
Lyrics for Song: I'll Give It All (Interlude)
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mya

I'll give you the moon at night
I'll give you the stars to light your eyes
I'll give you the sun to make one more dawn
So another day may come
I'll give you my heart and soul
I'll be there to catch you when you fall
When you ask me what I'll give to you
Girl, I'll give it all

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mya

"Other Songs - Mya"

1. 24s
2. Again And Again
3. Ashley Jb
4. Between Me And You
5. Bye Bye
6. Do You Only Wanna Dance
7. Dont Be Afraid
8. Everything Or Nothing
9. Free
10. Get Over
11. Ghetto Superstar
12. I'll Give It All (Interlude)
13. Keep On Loving Me
14. Little 2 Much Little 2 Late
15. Movin'
16. Movin' On
17. Somebody Like Me
18. Take Me There (With Blackstreet)
19. The Best Of Me
20. Whatcha Gonna Do?
21. Where The Dream Takes You
22. Why Should I Believe You
23. Ayo
24. Backseat
25. Best Of Me (Remix)
26. Blackout
27. Escape
28. Extacy
29. Girls Like That
30. How We Carry
31. If You Were Mine
32. J. 0. B
33. Let's Dance
34. Little Too Much, Little Too Late
35. Lock You Down
36. Lollipop
37. Love Is The Answer
38. Moodring
39. My Bra
40. My Love Is Like...Whoa(Radio Remix)
41. My Love Is Like...Wo (Allstar Remix)
42. Never Gonna Let You
43. Not Gonna Drop
44. One Night
45. Serious
46. Shake It (Like A Dog)
47. Take Me There
48. Telephone Games
49. The Hills
50. We're Gonna Make Ya Dance
51. Wish You Were Here