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Artist/Band: Ian Hunter
Lyrics for Song: Death 'n' Glory Boys
Lyrics for Album: All Of The Good Ones Are Taken [2007]

(ian hunter)

Get your son - young 'n' dumb

Give him a gun - make him run

Hot stuff - on a saturday night

Wait a minute - this ain't right

It's that same old story

Talkin' 'bout the death 'n' glory boys

When your head is on the scaffold

'n' your ass is on the line

You gotta give it that old religion

One mo' time

Get the death 'n' glory boys

Midnight - no light

Cool sand - like mud in my hands

Got this feelin' - in my hair

What's that movin' - I ain't a scared

It's that same old story

Freak out with the death 'n' glory boys

When it's down to stealing apples

'n' you been doin' time

They can buy the hero in you

For a dime

You're a death 'n' glory boy

You'd better pack up your troubles

In your old kit bag

Say goodbye to your mother

She's the only friend you have

Long live the leaders

Long may they reign

May they live long enough

To feel every single pain

They don't care about the widows

They don't give no reasons why

They just keep on making medals

You can buy

From the death 'n' glory boys

Album Lyrics: All Of The Good Ones Are Taken [2007]

Ian Hunter
"All Of The Good Ones Are Taken [2007]"

1. All Of The Good Ones Are Taken
2. Captain Void 'n' The Video Jets
3. Death 'n' Glory Boys
4. Every Step Of The Way
5. Fun
6. Seeing Double
7. Somethin's Goin' On
8. Speechless
9. That Girl Is Rock 'n' Roll