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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: Bright Morning Star
Lyrics for Album: The Calling [1996]

Last night I dreamed my head was in a fever

Last night I dreamed it never was so far

To reach a shore of safety and redemption

And to gaze upon a bright morning star

I dreamed I was by friends all but abandoned

I dreamed I was alone but for my scars

And blinded by the tears that fell like water

No more to see my bright morning star

The streets of dreams never looked this lonely

The streets of dreams never felt this hard

I heard my voice barely of a whisper

As the clouds denied a bright morning star

Sometimes this life is no more than a moment

And sometimes the light is lost unto the dark

But courage hears the sound of dawn approaching

And each our own bright morning star

I woke to find every window open

I woke to find the heavy door ajar

And I walked outside and stood upon the hilltop

And gazed once more on a bright morning star

I walked outside and every bird was singing

As I found again my bright morning star

Album Lyrics: The Calling [1996]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"The Calling [1996]"

1. Bright Morning Star
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3. Here I Am
4. Houston
5. It Must Have Happened
6. On And On It Goes
7. On With The Song
8. Twilight
9. Why Shouldn't We