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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: I Can See It Now
Lyrics for Album: Place In The World [1996]

I can see it now, walking by myself

And suddenly you're there walking with somebody else

I can see it now, what's right up ahead

A scene I've played a thousand times over in my head

I can see it now, it isn't just a dream

Can't shake myself awake, can't fall right back to sleep

Face to face I come right up to the truth

I can see it now, I'm still not over you

I can hear it now, your voice saying my name

It's too late for me to walk the other way

I can hear it now, asking how I've been

Oh and by the way have you met my friend

I can hear it now, a breaking all apart

A strange familiar sound that's coming from my heart

Feeling just as bad as the day that it was new

I can see it now, I'm still not over you

When you're out of sight, baby you're still on my mind

you're much too hard to lose, you're too easy to find

Like a bottle to a drunk, like trouble to a fool

I've only ever seen, just what I've wanted to

I can feel it now, as you walk away

Something left unsaid and the nothing left to say

I can feel it now like weather in my bones

Before it even comes, before I even know

I can feel it now, the empty and the ache

That bitter little pill that I don't want to take

Instead I'd swallow all the pride I ever knew

To crawl back if you asked, all that I would do

I can see it now

Album Lyrics: Place In The World [1996]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"Place In The World [1996]"

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