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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: Jubilee
Lyrics for Album: Triple Feature [2010]

I can tell by the way you're walking

That you don't want company

So I'll let you alone and I'll let you walk on

And in your own good time you'll be

Back where the sun can find you

Under the wise wishing tree

And with all of them made we'll lie under the shade

And call it a jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're talking

That the past isnt letting you go

There's only so long you can take it all on

And then the wrong's gotta be on its own

And when you're ready to leave it behind you

You'll look back and all that you'll see

Is the wreckage and rust that you left in the dust

On your way to the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're listening

That you're still expecting to hear

Your name being called like a summons to all

Who have failed to account for their doubts and their fears

They can't add up to much without you

And so if it were just up to me

I'd take hold of your hand, saying come hear the band

Play your song at the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're searching

For something you can't even name

That you haven't been able to come to the table

Simply glad that you came

When you feel like this try to imagine

That we're all like frail boats on the sea

Just scanning the nigt for that greta guiding light

Announcing the jubilee

And I can tell by the way you're standing

With your eyes filling with tears

That it's habit alone keeps you turning for home

Even though your home is right here

Where the people who love you are gathered

Under the wise wishing tree

May we all be considered then straight on delivered

Down to the jubilee

Because the people who love you are waiting

And they'll wait just as long as need be

When we look back and say those were halcyon days

We're talking about jubilee

Album Lyrics: Triple Feature [2010]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"Triple Feature [2010]"

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