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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: Luna's Gone
Lyrics for Album: Between Here and Gone [2004]

Was it a light only she could see

A gypsy's spell, a mysetery

Something to cause our girl to roam

Was it a song only she could hear

Whispering charms in her ears

Causing her to leave our happy home

Guess the light of the moon is all we've got to go on

Gues we're never gonna know and she's telling no one


Luna's gone, she's gone away

All day long I call her name

Luna's gone

There wasn't a sign of wanderlust

A quarrel, a breach of faith or trust

Nothing to give us one thin clue

Her eyes like the moon in a heart-shaped face

Astonishing speed, amazing grace

Little wild child we loved so true

Guess the wind in the trees is all she left behind her

Guess it's part of the plan to know we'll never find her

Repeat Chorus

Woo-ooo, the end has come, verse and chapter

Woo-ooo, I'll miss that girl forever after

Woo-ooo, she left us now the way she came

No amount of love could tame her, free as the wind that blows...

Instrumental Chorus

Guess she could resist the lure of the open spaces

You won't find her in Miami Beach or Vegas

Repeat Chorus 3x

Album Lyrics: Between Here and Gone [2004]

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"Between Here and Gone [2004]"

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