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Artist/Band: Mary Chapin Carpenter
Lyrics for Song: My Dear Old Friend
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mary Chapin Carpenter

How will we smile ever again?

I'm asking you sincerely, my dear old friend

What do you say, is there a way?

My dear old friend

How will we laugh just like before?

When there's water rising up to our door

And we may never see each other again

My dear old friend

Will there be someone to remember?

A little place that we loved

How the music played all night and day

Through the windows up above

How the birds sang in the morning

How the dog barked in the yard

I guess that's nothing much but everything to us

That's what seems so hard

How will we smile ever again?

I'm asking you sincerely, my dear old friend

The moon on the hill says we probably will

My dear old friend, my dear old friend

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Mary Chapin Carpenter
"Other Songs - Mary Chapin Carpenter"

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9. My Dear Old Friend
10. On A Quiet Christmas Morn
11. Once In Royal David's City
12. Other Streets, Other Towns
13. Pete
14. Romeo
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