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Artist/Band: Mark Chesnutt
Lyrics for Song: That Good That Bad
Lyrics for Album: Heard It in a Love Song [2006]

So you just called to say you thought of me all day

But you're sorry you ever broke my heart

You just wanted to know if I wanted to go

And try and make a new start

I appreciate your concern

But listen up and learn a thing or two

There's certain things in this life even a fool won't do.

I wouldn't trade a night of pleasure for a lifetime full of pain

Why should I help you drive me insane

Even though I know you are the best I've ever had

I don't need to feel that good that bad.

Now you're saying you've changed

And things are not the same

As they were when you walked out the door

And you swear that you'll stay forever and a day

Well I've heard those same lies before

Well, I wish that I could talk to you but to tell the truth

I've really got to go

Well, let me say it one more time just so you will know.

Hey even if I could, even if I should

I don't need to feel that good that bad...

Album Lyrics: Heard It in a Love Song [2006]

Mark Chesnutt
"Heard It in a Love Song [2006]"

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