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Artist/Band: MercyMe
Lyrics for Song: All Right
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - MercyMe

If you had a dime for every time it rained on this

parade you're marching in called life You'd

start to wonder if someone out there's got your number

well, hold your head up, breath in deep,


ooh ooh you know it's gonna be alright ooh ooh you

know it's gonna be alright.

We're gonna have those days when it all comes crashing

in wondering if the sun will ever shine

before you go and convince yourself you cannot make

it hold you head up, breath in deep,


[chorus]ooh ooh you know it's gonna be alright ooh

ooh you know it's gonna be alright there's a love

much stronger than everything that holds you down right

now sayin' ooh ooh you know it's gonna

be alright.

So next time when you tell yourself this isn't worth

it hold you head up breathe in deep

remember. [back to chorus]

Count it pure joy when the world come crashin' hold

your head up and keep on dancin'

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - MercyMe

"Other Songs - MercyMe"

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