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Artist/Band: Nicole Kidman
Lyrics for Song: Sparkling Diamonds
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Nicole Kidman

Satine:The French are glad to die for love
they delight in fighting duels.
But I prefer a man who lives and gives expensive jewels.

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental
but diamonds are a girls best friend.
A kiss may be grand but it won't pay the rental
on your humble flat
or help you feed your, mmm, pussy cat

Men grow cold as girls grow old
and we all lose our charms in the end.
But square cut or pear shaped
these rocks don't lose their shape
diamonds are a girl's best friend.

*spoken* Tiffany's

*spoken* Cartier

Nini: Cause we are living in a material world
And I am a material girl *blow kiss*

Come and get me boys

Black star
Ross Core
Talk to me Harry Zidler
Tell me all about it

There may come a time
when a lass needs a lawyer

Zidler: But diamonds are a girl's best friend

Satine: There may come a time
when a hard boiled employer thinks you're...
Zidler: awful nice.

Satine: Oooo
But get that ice or else no dice

Diamond Dogs: He's your guy when stocks are high
but beware when they start to descend

Diamonds are a girl's best
Diamonds are a girl's best
Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Satine: Let's make love
Oh Yes

Zidler: Everything's going so well

Satine: Cause that's when those louses
go back to their spouses

are a girl's..........

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
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