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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: Jolly Beggar Dude (Auld Rigadoo)
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Great Big Sea

Well, I am a little beggarman, a begging I have been,

For three score or more in the little isle of green;

All over the Liffey and down to Segue,

I'm known by the name of auld Johnny Dhu.

Of all the trades a going, begging is the best,

When a man gets tired he can sit down and rest;

Sing for his supper when there's nothing left to do,

When I come around the corner with me old rigadoo.

I went to a barn, went down to Currabawn,

Got down on the floor and I slept till the dawn;

Holes in the roof and the rain seeping thru,

Me toes froze together in me little beggar shoes.

Buy a pair of leggings and a collar and a tie,

A nice old lady you will find by and by;

Buy a pair of leggings and I'll color them blue,

For a foxy old lady I'll make her do.

(way hey and away we go)

I met a little flaxen haired girl one day,

Good morning, little flaxen haired girl, I did say;

Good morning, little beggarman, how do you do,

With your bags and your rags and your auld rigadoo?

Who should I waken but the woman of the house,

With her white spotted apron and her calico blouse;

She began to frighten so I said boo,

Sure, don't be afraid, it's only Johnny Dhu.

Over the road with me pack on me back,

Over all the fields with me big heavy sack;

Over the hills with the moon peeking through,

Singing, skin a ma rink a doodle on me auld rigadoo.

I must be going to bed, it's getting late at night,

The fire is all out, so out goes the light;

Now you've heard the story of the auld rigadoo,

So good night and God be with you, this is auld Johnny Dhu.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea
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