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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: What Are You At?
Lyrics for Album: Great Big Sea [1993]

Well I was walking in the main land city

And I was feeling so alone

I was looking for someone or thing to remind me of my home

What I wouldn't give to have somebody nod or wink at me

Cause that's the way we say hello in my home down by the sea

We never say "hello" or "how's it going?", "good day" or any of that

We just look at them and nod our heads and wink say 'Whadd'ya At?'


Whadd'ya At? How's she going buddy, Whadd'ya At today?

Whadd'ya At? How's she going buddy, Whadd'ya At today?

But then I walked into a shopping mall and much to my surprise

An old friend from my hometown was a sight for my sore eyes

And of all the people I met down in the city or in the mall

I think I like my hometown friend the best one of them all

Because he didn't say "hello" or "hows it going today?" or any of that

My old friend he just looked at me and smiled said "Whadd'ya At?"

[Chorus 2x]

Let this be a lesson to all our people who go away

Remember if you meet someone the special words we say

We don't ever say "hello" or "how's it going?", "good day"

Or any of that.

You just look at them and nod your head now wink say "Whadd'ya At?"


Album Lyrics: Great Big Sea [1993]

Great Big Sea
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