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[ More Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Lyrics for Song: Practice, Practice, Practice
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

How does a prima graduate from ballerina

I'll give you a little clue

To be in a world-class ballet company

There's one thing that you must love to do


Practice, practice, practice

If at first you don't succeed

Don't give up just keep on trying

Til you get up to speed

First position, second position, third and fourth and fifth

Plies makes you sleet and strong

But first you're gonna be stiff

Time to do our releves

Then our Pas be bourrees

We're dizzy doing pirouette

We love our Grande Jete

Practice, practice, practice

At the ballet bar

This is what you love to do to be a ballet star

Do your best and you'll get better

Just don't call it quits

All at once, you'll find that you're so flexible

You can even do the splits


First position, second position, on and on it goes

And one day you'll do arabesque

Standing on your toes

For each and every one percent of style and inspiration

A New York City ballerina gives it

Ninety-nine percent perspiration

Practice, practice, practice

Will surely make you number one

But you don't have to be a prima just to have some fun

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
"Other Songs - Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen"

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