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Artist/Band: Arrogant Worms
Lyrics for Song: The Ballad Of Dan
Lyrics for Album: Live Bait [1997]

I'm out on the range surveying the land

Thinking of the job that's to be done

My life is hard but I don't mind

Men like me that's how the West was won

I stand the pain and the suffering

For on the trail I am the king

On doors I knock and on bells I ring

Always sure that I will get the sale


'Cause I am Dan the insurance sales man

In a beat up Chevrolet I do ride

I rope them in and tie them up and bind them legally

For on the dotted line I make them sign


The door swings wide, and I sense my prey

Ready to fall victim to my pitch

I tell him all about the plan

With all of it's inherent benefits

If you lose an arm it's a thousand bucks

Lose both of them and get twice as much

And if you should die well then bless your luck

You'll just be rolling in the cash


The sucker signs the deal is done

Time for me to get back on the road

A lonely man out on the land

Out where the wind can blow so cold

I ride into the setting sun

With the knowledge of a job well done!

But I can't rest until everyone

Has become properly insured


Album Lyrics: Live Bait [1997]

Arrogant Worms
"Live Bait [1997]"

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