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Artist/Band: Ben Lee
Lyrics for Song: Ketchum
Lyrics for Album: Something to Remember Me By [1997]

Today I got my call from Ketchum Idaho

From Hemingway and railways and whiskey wine and snow

But if you've never been in pain before then I guess you wouldn't know

I'm leaving in a while now for Ketchum's icy sting

To walk and fish and write some songs, to stay up late and drink

And if I stay there long enough then I'll never feel a thing

And Ketchum will be good to you if are strong and brave

She caters to the melancholy every single day

And babbles like a drunk old man unloading all his pain

I'll lock myself in Ketchum's stare I'll make her my whole world

I'm gonna roam the Ketchum streets to find a Ketchum girl

And then I'll let her break my heart 'cos that's all that I do well

The valley will become my home her hills will keep me safe

I'll give her songs about my soul when there's no soul left to take

And I'll forget I ever lived in any other place

And it may seem inevitable I would love this fate

So beautiful and tragic and her heroes can't escape

And Hemingway he shot himself one July evening late

But me I couldn't bring myself to bloody Ketchum's name

Underneath her passion boils, never spoils surface tame

I'll slowly let her kill me with her lonely wind and rain

Her lonely tears and pain

Album Lyrics: Something to Remember Me By [1997]

Ben Lee
"Something to Remember Me By [1997]"

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