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Artist/Band: Ben Lee
Lyrics for Song: The Debt Collectors
Lyrics for Album: Awake Is the New Sleep [2005]

in my dreams they're coming to collect

ive got something that they want

and i dont know what it is

but you hid it in my luggage

like a needle in a haystack

so im running like a criminal

im sneaking round each corner

in a phone booth, through a window

and the air is cold around me

and im running for my life

borrow, beg or steal

everything is real

one day you might feel

alright again

so i kissed you on the lips

you were sleeping

like a racehorse in the evening

all that power, motivation

and the endless broken omens

and i dont know if i love you

but i really wanna own you

and ive kept you like a secret

from the moment that i found you

we can make a deal

everything is real

one day i might feel

alright again

and i can write my way

out of this pain

thats a promise that you made me

in a letter that you sent me

from chicago on a freezing day in winter

now i feel a little lighter

but it really doesnt matter

cos this love is not obedient

its got its own agenda

and it wants to take me over

and it wants to pull you under

and it would like nothing better

than to tear us both to pieces

and it wont do what its told

show me how you feel

everything is real

one day itll be

alright again

one day itll be

alright again

Album Lyrics: Awake Is the New Sleep [2005]

Ben Lee
"Awake Is the New Sleep [2005]"

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