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Artist/Band: The Quirk
Lyrics for Song: A Tap On My Shoulder
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - The Quirk

Mid summer night, no moon in the sky

I can't make it right, no matter how I try

Preplanned excursion, symbolic diversion,

I watch from the sidelines, at the side of the road

Helpless I stand there, while the story unfolds

Shadowless figures, race by in the night

A whisper of welcome, and a golden white light call me home

My body lies silent, in the cold morning air

Surrounded by spirits, but there's nobody there

Restless desire, walk towards the fire

The laugh of an angel, and the kiss of a fool

The birth of tomorrow, break all the rules

Pure conversation, without speaking a word

A flashing white light on the wings of a bird call me home.

A lifetime of passion, and a moment of truth

A vision of wisdom, the compassion of youth

The fire still burns, which way will I turn?

Advice to be given, sounds loud and it's true

"why start a journey if you don't see it through?"

A tap on the shoulder, a brush on my face,

I look at my body and wipe the blood off my face and go home

So angels appear, where there's no floor

They hover and linger, then point to a door

They're all trying to tell me, how to survive

They're speaking right to me, and it finally unfolds

A tall darken stranger, that heaven forbodes

My mind's in confusion and then, sensitized

I finally focus and I soon realize to go home

Materialization, right there in the dust

Massive confusion, amongst all the rust

It happened so quickly, how long will this last

I think back on today, how it started all right

I'm stuck in this place, on this cold lonely night

It's suddenly evident, and it's perfectly clear

God 's trying to tell me to just get out of here and go home

^ go home ^

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Quirk

The Quirk
"Other Songs - The Quirk"

1. A Tap On My Shoulder
2. The Last Man Standing