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Artist/Band: Haggard
Lyrics for Song: Chapter Ii - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Haggard


On my path...

Als ich nun wand're auf dem Pfad

Und die Dunkelheit verhüllt

Den Mondenschein der Licht mir gab

Der das inn're Toben stillt


Along the mountainside

Fog demons slowly rise

Oh wanderer you'll see

Your fate seems to be sealed by thee

As magic did weave

On sanctified grounds

He fell on this knees where he stood

And blinded by those

That have passed long ago

Here in Gildeon's Woods

As he turns his head

Hurt by the beasts

His heart - filled with fear

For this is the end?

Or will he find

The way out of here

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine

Et lux perpetua luceat eis

Te decet hymnus, Deus, in Ithiria



Quid sum miser tune dicturus

Requiem aeternam

Il mistero

Valli di Ithiria

Deep inside the forest's heart

Enchanted by the ones

of ancient times

Magic be their light

That dimmers deep within

Night at Gildeon's Woods

Did you ever wander?

And you got lost on secret paths?

Did ever see them?

Is purity within your heart?

Then through the trees

A light you may have seen

That saved you from the dark


Wenn auch die Hoffnung

in mir schwand

Mit zitternd Hand

mein Schwert ich zieh'

Unterm finst'ren Himmelszelt

Der Wölfe Hunger nie versiegt

Ein Hieb, ein Schrei,

ein Schmerz, ein Licht

Doch es ist des Todes

düstr'rer Schatten nicht

Gazing at the moons'silvery light

Here, where history may fall

Enter the realm of darkened might

Courage may now be with us all

In times of freedom, times of fear

Mother death stands by their side

An unicorn, so proud and clear

Ride, when all the worlds collide

On my path...

Als ich nun wandre auf dem Pfad

Folg' dem Lichte, das mich führt

Als der Taverne ferner Schein

Tief mein ängstliches Herz berührt...

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Haggard

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