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Artist/Band: Iggy Azalea
Lyrics for Song: Whatchu Lookin At
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Iggy Azalea

All this cash, cash, cash, cash, cash

I seen Sean the other day, he said

"Damn I ain't know you had that

Ass, ass, ass, ass! " ask me no questions

I'm Jolie when I'm on that beat, I have you gone in 60 seconds

These bitches don't like me, these haters wanna fight me,

Wake up and get caked up, put these bitches on diets,

Polo should have been my logo, with a jockey around on my coat though

So I take 'em back to the drawing board

'Cause it's time to make some hits for the momo

I turn up when my chalk missing, and hop out in a new edition

I'm propane, this Hell's Kitchen, my campfire, this smoke signals

Sold some other shit, get these maggots off me

The best is a ,, attach it slowly

Broads got at where you act, they acting Tony

Fuck you over than they asking for alimony

Should have known a thing

Should have known a thing about me

Well, she don't know that I'm on a roll

I'm a motherfucking G, and we long distance

Sipping on biscuits, sipping our tea

We flip them the bird, then let them fly on for free

Watchu lookin' at, watchu lookin' at

Watchu lookin' at, watchu lookin' at

I'm cooling in Italy

And a man could probably a tee, I'm making a scene

If they rolling the camera's, my candids come with a fee

Excuse my French, I speak deadly, bread throwing that cheddy

My pocket's nauseous, these ones is vomit, I'm throwing up this confetti

Ugh, I'm spazzing out, and yeah I'm going for broke

I'm gonna ride this wave kind of like a tube on the rope

If you don't like it, I give you something to hold

Here's a D from you to me, you can call it my own

Damn Iggy, damn Iggy, why you so willy

Sewed up, really when the pen in the needle, you gon' feel me

I got my fam with me, going ham, and that's some damn chilling

Take the night off, and we be gon' ride off, and we gon' ride off

Watcha lookin at

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea
"Other Songs - Iggy Azalea"

1. 1 800 Bone
2. Bac 2 Tha Future (My Time)
3. Boss Lady
4. Burgundy Shit
5. D.R.U.G.S
6. Down South
7. Drop That
8. Flash
9. Flexin & Finesin
10. Glory
11. Hello
12. Hustle Gang
13. Look At Me Now
14. Me Myself My Money
15. Murda Bizness
16. My World
17. Pu$$y
18. Pussy
19. Runway
20. The Last Song
21. Treasure Island
22. Whatchu Lookin At
23. Work
24. You
25. Fancy (Yellow Claw Remix)
26. Iggy In Moscow
27. Million Dollar Misfits (Explicit)