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Artist/Band: M.I.A.
Lyrics for Song: Only 1 U
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - M.I.A.

There's only one you, you, you, you [3x]

Ding [12x]

Just cause the game is up

Didn't mean I didn't win

I got three aces and a king

I begun love of financiable things

That's why my instincts kicks in

Matter if you win

It's based on what you bring

That's the feeling in the chest with the drink

Your telephone rings

But you ain't listenin

So motherfucker now I'm steppin' in

There's only one you, you, you, you [3x]

Ding [12x]


Lara Croft is soft

When it comes to my stuff

She's made up. I'm real!

I'm a Lady of Rage, with an afro puff

Who else can say the things they feel?

More jiggy than Will

From a mouth to a chub

There's no bee I cannot kill, kill, kill.

S-s-still chill upon a hill

Like I'm poppin' a pill

There's no other things I want to feel

There's only one you, you, you, you [3x]

Ding [12x]

There's trillions of cash

And there's billions of us

And there's millions of things that can happen with this stuff

And there's thousands that will crash

And there's hundreds that will smash

There's only one you and I'mma drink to that

There's only one you [3x]

Ding [12x]


Come on, let go, let me go take off

Tonight's the one

Cause' tomorrow may never come

Fucking all day

Every night is gonna be mine

Making money is fine

But your life is one of a kind.

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - M.I.A.

"Other Songs - M.I.A."

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