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[ More R.B.L. Posse lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: R.B.L. Posse
Lyrics for Song: Lesson To Be Learned
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - R.B.L. Posse

I'm tired of this muthafukken city

I'm tired of this muthafukken city

Hip hop on the muthafukken jock it's the black seat

nigga and I rock nonstop with the Frisco crew and suckas

are losin fukking with nigga cause I steal tofu and

right to the jaw my crew is straight raw RBL that's

ruthless by law that's my muthfukken posse and niggas

wanna pop me but stop me, pop me,

and your hoes still jock me,

like a rabbit to a carrot,

a dog to a bone the big nine piece I got it going on

cause hoes on the nutsack my money stack is kinda fat

I didn't have the bullet jack to get where a nigga

at I lay down stay down always pimp at night and right

cause wen you sell crack dopers come in funny browns

tweaking, peeking, none of them is speakin,

and when they come around make sure they ain't sneakin

right up on your back you know they need crack and

they don't have no money watch out for the jack but

the tables have turned and your ass got burned so punk

muthafukker there's a lesson to be learned

Yea chris you know niggas can't dig a pig so why don't

you drop some more of that shit about these punk police

out here in Frisco you know what I'm saying bust that shit

Goes out to the police fukking with me now yo ass got

beef so you started some static you silly ass rabbit

jacking in my hood like a muthafukken bad habbit dipping

through my pockets like a muthafuckken dig then I guess

I'm a nigga that you wanna get rid of it seems that

way I'm my mothafukken hood all you punk police always

up to no good coming through sweatin while we trying

to get our gurp on fucking up our highs now we sitting

in the drug zone but you done did this the last time

to me see now I'm gonna gather up my mothafukken posse

them crazy ass niggas the crazy ass crew the crazy

mothafuckers with the stealtoe boots I'm getting my

matches I'm grabbing my gasoline and blowing that police

station to smitherines cause I don't play I'm strapped

with my AK and sending you blue suits straight to your

grave so police you can burn baby burn cause the tables

have turned and you got on my last nerves lessons and

suggestions is what a nigga stressing so watch out

chief cause yo boy's got beat

Check this mothafukken shit out

(Get down get down)

Dumping on the mike is the nigga mr sleek coming out

of Frisco RBL is my posse standing on harbor trying

to sell all my crack sacks stress on my mind from thinking

will I get jacked but if your scared go to church cause

ain't no fear in my heart I'm still yelling work niggas

trying to run while thinking they don't hit getting

too greedy it's get your gaffle in the mix getting

popped by the cops not knowing where your going with

a sack in your necks poep and your sure to get thrown

in a caddie wagon we don't type our ages a son get

killed in high speed chases now your sitting in court

without giving up a fight got sent to the pen doing

ten to twenty five don't say it ain't worth it but

I gotta go check so my pockets won't be hurting so

get back get back get back if your real to the game

then you know I'm kicking facts yea there's money to

be earned but take notes on what you see cause there's

a lesson to be learned

Bitch I thought you knew bitch I really thought you knew

(There's a lesson to be learned)fresno bulter park

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - R.B.L. Posse

R.B.L. Posse
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