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Artist/Band: R.B.L. Posse
Lyrics for Song: Strictly This Game
Lyrics for Album: R.B.L. Posse 20th Anniversary [2013]

Verse 1 *(Black C)*

It's strictly this game that I'm stickin to

and stayin true

tryin not to do what those fakers do

while I'm payin dues

I'm makin moves in this rap game

see everybody want the fame, I want the fourtune

niggaz be scorchin hot

got a place that I moved in up north

got my face on the front page of the Source

and dispite the ways, you niggaz playa hate

that RBL is breakin wails in every state

don't perpitrate though I heard you wanna make moves like me

but you don't have the right skills for this industry

so never mind, I can always, catch you on the grind

you can't fade this game, see 'cause this game takes time

but see you still havin million dollar dreams and it seems your plots

and schemes to earn that knot ain't workin

but keep hopin, while I keep flowin

for strictly this game, stayin true

y'all ain't knowin.

Chorus *(Iyesha Johnson)* x4

Strictly this game, I'm sticking to.(Strictly this game)

Verse 2 *(Black C)*

This rap game is what I'm talkin bout

I'm makin clout

and got G's in my bank accout

so what you thinkin bout?

probably a robbery or to murder me

that jelousy an envy is what's hurtin us G's

you wanna take my possessions on the strength

I be wreckin this mic

gettin sponsered by Nike

all this hype be surroundin me

and I heard that on the block that you was clowin me, sayin

you ain't my homie to be a cold day in hell before I make enough mail

to help my niggaz to excel

I have a feelin I won't.... fall

I'm grabbin a hold to my chesse and sayin "Fuck all of y'all"

'cause we got bigger balls

so why don't you catch us in that V.I.P. section

seated to perfection

sippin hurricane, tryin to flirt them thangs

doin, what us playas do

an ah, smokin truth

for this game stayin true uh.


Verse 3 *(Black C)*

We been 360 degrees

niggaz please

I cruised the world a thousand times

gettin mine

at the shows, proper hoes, spittin flows wit the homies

niggaz can't come backstage it's members only

an a bitch can't get no backstage pass

unless it's backstage ass

and that's word to my nigga C-Note, and he know

the way we used to work this

mo money, mo money green he felt that was our purpose

an when you hurt we got a spot

you was trippin gettin hot

wanna shoot me wit yo glock

wanna hope my album flop

but never that, my shit is phat

my shit be hittin hard like Barry Bonds that fuckin bat

that's real.

*(Chorus)* until it fades out.

*(Man talking)*

I'm RBL nigga, wrote a song about it. Like hear it? Here it go....

An I'm a nigga! We're a nigga!

She's a nigga! We're some niggaz!

Wouldn't you like to be an RBL nigga toooo!

(haha play it again one mo time!)

An I'm a nigga! Come on!

You're a nigga! Let's do it!

We're some niggaz!

An you would want to be an RBL nigga toooo!

Fo life! Ahh to the fullest. To the fullest.

Album Lyrics: R.B.L. Posse 20th Anniversary [2013]

R.B.L. Posse
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