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Artist/Band: Appeal
Lyrics for Song: Body Bag
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - A Cue

Body Bag

Up the ladder of success,
but what do we sacrifice to get that paper,
40 days and 40 night where is my savior,
I being tested by the devil in the wilderness do me a favor,
get away from me I bow to the creator,
theres like a 100 thousand mc's running round the earth spitting porky pies,
you've never put nobody in a hearse or sprayed a 45,
so why you choose to lie,
speaking like you invented poltergeist but you man are soft as lotion,
I, expose like open toes shoes and desert sandals seen your angle,
but soon that cheap facade will get dismantled,
you rappers need saving like a damsel,
and understand that The Appeal is a handful,
bits, I beat then and leave em strategically,
bits, you eat and them treat them immediately,
I play my cards like read and weep its to easy for me,
all full of gas zip them all up in a body bag


Ambulance arrives on the scene the bodies bad,
Doctors at the hospital they're saying there's no coming back,
Forensic examining the body on his toe a tag,
then throw him in a body bag,
throw him in a body bag,
throw him in a body bag,
then throw him in a body bag,

I might go and learn some Judo,
knock out Jason Darulo,
throw him in the back of an uno,
drive off the edge of a peer and tweet his fans his flown to pluto,
and won't be back to do shows,
that nigga minds homo,
why that niggas riding solo,
I'll kill for them Nike Airs in ‘Back To The Future 2'
and back with a stupid crew,
and Im back with the coolest news,
Extra Extra read all about it,
Rizzle Kicks them two little pricks got outed,
musics funny Im not down with them dumb kids,
gay niggas why their down with the trumpets,
Jeans baggy so my nuts can swing,
yo you like your jeans tight cus nuts is your ting,
got you addicted to my music call me captain hook,
you man are average crooks,
that ain't a bad man look,
you kinda look like some jolly lads,
put all you motherfuckers in a body bag,

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - A Cue

"Other Songs - A Cue"

1. Body Bag