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[ More Flyte Dreams lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Flyte Dreams
Lyrics for Song: The Realest
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Don Christopher

Intro: haha Flyte Dreams, stay dreaming (wooo)
Yeah, keep it real, A.I.P till I D.I.E
Uhh you going to com before I com
(whats good baby?) you’ll be done before am done
Hell yeah, yeah Flyte Dreams stay dreaming

Verse: She throw it from the back
I caught it like a football
Play with it like role play
She totally going to re-call
She want strings attach like a guitar
I fucked it like a retard
Lightning hammer like me thor
She aint leaving she need more of me
More of that D… I C K I N G like am in a tree
Doing it over a mango
Feeling sorry for whom going to eat it
I beat it like a drum and she repeatedly cry
she believe that

Chorus: Am dha Am dha Realest Nigga Ever
And cant nobody do it better
Cuz when am in her am in her
I chop chop that pussy like timber… Timber!!
Did it did it did it to her all all… night long
Did it did it did it to her all all… night long

Verse 2: She aint acting like she don’t want it
Fuck being that shy girl
No fairytales like Pocahontas
Welcome to the real world
She masturbating on the web cam
Am seeing it on the monitor
Am like damn but u my ex girl?
Pussy aint got no fur
Oh shyt its shaved to fuck would be an honor
Dad don’t make your daughter get naked for a dollar
I don’t want to call her a bitch but she behaving like it
Say she miss it, miss it and cant nobody do it like me am like Damn!!

Outro: When am in it am in it to win it to win it (definitely)
When am in it am in it to win it to win
You gon com before I com
You’ll be done before am done
Flyte Dreams Stay Dreaming

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Don Christopher

Flyte Dreams
"Other Songs - Don Christopher"

1. The Realest