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Artist/Band: Turbulence
Lyrics for Song: Remember
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

Hey baby, even the best of couples have arguments
So we can work this out
Tell are no extreme
Don’t go away
Baby we can work this out

Wait a minute before you go through the door
Remember no body is perfect
And we can work this out
If you tell me you don’t love me non more
I’ll leave you alone

Baby before you leave
Remember how far we coming from
Just for you to throw it all away
Remember, remember
Just for you ton throw it all away

(Verse 1)
Put down yo hand bag, stop from gallan bad
Stop move yo damn hand
Come stand by me
Out the world thing, this a no Baghdad
An now a baby said let me set you free
I don’t know her, she don’t know me
I never seen her before, don’t leave me lonely
I don’t understand, she must be a fan
Oh baby pop your light on me
Go down oh my word
Stop move so voicestorous pretty likkle girl
So make me go on a man of my word
No not a nerd so don’t be obserde

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
An if you leave mi now dem a go win
Remember when dem seh you naw go lost wid the king
Forget everything, lets make a new beginning
No meck dem persuade you fi take off you wedding ring
Stop act notorious I could a being
To hurt you is a crime, an to hate you is a sin
Mi a go behave mi self an keep mi discipline
But no before you go through that door

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

"Other Songs - Tomorrow People"

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2. Remember
3. She Wanna Be Friends