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Artist/Band: Wayne Marshall
Lyrics for Song: I Know
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

(Verse 1)
Step up inna the place
I got my spliff up in my hand
Councilor waan fi stop mi so mi thumping him a grand
Now am in the dance wid crazy weed an contraband
Send fi couple crate because mi deh yah wid mi gang
No weh no deh fi step a so yo know seh in yah ram
Paparazzi tek mi snap and put it up on instagram
Is like some man si that and feel like seh that no fi gwaan
Dem swear seh dem a ddan, but dem a baby inna pram

I know something that you don’t know
A we have up yo girl pon di low

I know something that you don’t know
Mi waist heavy like fi fats domino

I am something that you can’t be
An that is the reality

I know me and my friends on these streets
And you is no threat to we

(Verse 2)
So if yo waan fi try and prove yo self go write a law
I have the evidence no relevant to prove yo wrong
Am looking straight through some fassy like a hologram
In dem mind dem is a king, but to me dem is a pan
Dem cyaa stray mi from the point mi coming like a decimal
Some bwoy a frig around dem like a poison chemical
Badmind a gi dem pain, dem haffi feed pon cetimol
So how some likkle scout waan come a war wid general

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Me and are hold a semi spar
Mi eye dream seh shi nice so mi led him are
Mi si are man a watch the pumps from very far
A through him never smart and cherish are
True wi very skill and wi very sharp
Meck the girls a pay attention like a seminar
Mister minister and senator
If I was you, I wouldn’t make any talk

(Repeat Chorus)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tomorrow People

Wayne Marshall
"Other Songs - Tomorrow People"

1. Go Hard
2. I Know