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Artist/Band: Henson Cargill
Lyrics for Song: With Pen In Hand
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Henson Cargill

With pen in hand

You sign your name

Today at five

I'll be on that train

And you'll be free

And I'll be alone

So alone

If you think

We can't find the love we once knew

If you think

I can't make everything up to you

Then I'll be gone

And you'll be on your own

You'll be on your own

Can you take good care of Jenny

Can you take her to school everyday

Can you teach her how to play

All the games that little girls play

Hear what I say

Can you teach her how to roll up her hair

Can you make sure each night that she says her prayers

Well if you can do all these things

Then maybe she won't miss me

Maybe she won't miss me

And tonight as you laid in that big lonely bed

And you look at that pillow

Where I laid my head

With your heart on fire

Will you have no desire

To kiss me

Or to hold me

And if you can forget

The good times we had

If you don't think

They out weigh the bad

Well then go ahead

Sign your name

And I'll be

On my way

I'll be on my way

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Henson Cargill

Henson Cargill
"Other Songs - Henson Cargill"

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