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Artist/Band: Australian Crawl
Lyrics for Song: Love Beats Me Up
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Australian Crawl

Could never walk away from that girl

She's the only one in the world

She's the ruler of the table-top

She's no persnickety she's real persimmon

She's all I got

She's a pretty serene surrender

Unlike Chrissie she's no pretender

She's my coupe' dynaflow

She's no disguise and it's no surprise

She's all I know

Chorus ~

I said love gets really tough

That's when love beats me up

I don't own my own record player

I use her's it's just the same

We're getting so much more au fait(er)

She's soya chookin and I'm just lookin

At summer again


Refrain ~

Whoa whoa

Whoa whoa

Whoa whoa

Whoa whoa


She wants to move my Monty picture

I've got a thing about where it goes

I think she wishes I was richer

Well I ain't too bad I'm fair to middling

Oh so - so

Well I ain't too bad I'm fair to middling

Oh so - so

Chorus ~ x 2

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Australian Crawl

Australian Crawl
"Other Songs - Australian Crawl"

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2. Beautiful People
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11. Indisposed
12. King Sap (And The Princess Sag)
13. Lakeside
14. Land Of Hope And Glory
15. Letter From Zimbabwe
16. Looking For Cool
17. Love Beats Me Up
18. Motors Too Fast
19. My Day At The Beach
20. Oh No Not You Again
21. Reckless
22. Resort Girls
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24. Some People
25. The Boys Light Up
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